What Centermark Employees Are Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude and celebrate the many blessings life has to offer and it only seems fitting to do a “What are Centermark Employees Thankful for” post.

For years, Centermark has worked hard to provide customers with tools and solutions to support a successful franchise network.  Our goals don’t just focus on advancing our clientele and your network but we also build and maintain strong relationships with each client. We share a great bond and partnership with all our customers and have plenty to be grateful for.

We asked Centermark employees what they are most thankful for, and here is what some of them had to say:

What do you value the most about Centermark?

  • Our clients can see the exact same thing we do – being transparent helps build trust.
  • The shared insights for both our clients and us which allow us to have an open conversation about performance, what’s working well, what can we improve, and all the above. Having all major metrics accessible in one platform is a huge help.
  • The simplicity of the reporting makes it easy to navigate clients around and means less time pulling reporting data and more time to be strategic with the client on their business needs.
  • The ease of quickly exporting all data needed to create powerful presentations and reporting for my clients.
  • Automation!

Why are you thankful for your clients?

  • I’m thankful that in a large part they have put their trust in me and the rest of our team. We’re in a very competitive market and several of our clients are consistently approached by other vendors. I appreciate that they’ve shown a willingness to work with us and to trust our expertise and judgement for their digital marketing strategy.
  • They continue to help me see the positive work we do here at Web.com. We really make a big difference in their business!
  • They push us to be more creative and strategic. Together we partner to grow this network and drive Web.com to be dominant in the online space.
  • I’m grateful that we can provide value for them and solve real business challenges that impact their lives and the economy.
  • Without them this is just virtual reality. I love some reality!

What’s the most enjoyable moment you had with a client’s network?

  • When we visit our clients, we spend the day reviewing and strategizing, then take our clients out to connect and brainstorm with them over dinner. During these interactions we build our relationship and grow the trust. These moments allow us to be true partners versus just a vendor for our clients.
  • Anytime I’ve been able to make a significant difference in performance for a specific client or network of clients has been a really rewarding experience. I realize that the work we put in can help make a difference in another person’s livelihood and that’s a really great feeling.
  • Speaking with them about marketing elements we don’t even provide and helping them make an impact just the same. That genuine concern for the health of their network solidifies us as a real partner and it is appreciated every time.
  • There are so many moments, it is hard to choose one. I guess if I had to, the most enjoyable would be taking actual sales data from one of my clients that shows we have a $9:$1 return on investment in 2016!

Centermark would like to wish our employees, clients, partners, and all of those we’ve been fortune enough to work with, a very Happy Thanksgiving!





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