4 reasons why PPC Advertising works

At the recent conference for client, Painting with a Twist, our very own Corey O’Donnell, VP of Marketing, presented on the power of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and how to apply it to franchise marketing practices. Specifically, he went into detail on why PPC works (and not just the obvious reasons).

Here are a few takeaways from the session:

Overcome the competitive battlefield

Even if you rank number one at the top of organic search listings, a competitor can bid against your company name and show up in the PPC ad space when a consumer searches for your business. If that’s not scary enough – statistics show that the average conversion rate for PPC ads is 2.7%. You could be letting your competitors take business away from you if you aren’t bidding on your company name yourself! If you own the page organically, you have the power to own the paid search arena too.

Let’s not forget about mobileMobile_search_screenshot

Mobile devices account for 53% of paid search clicks. With the influx of consumers using mobile to conduct searches, it’s important to ramp up your mobile strategy to ensure your ads are being found across different devices. What many businesses do not realize is that your organic listing is pushed off the page when a consumer conducts a search on a mobile phone. That’s right, EVEN if you rank #1 organically, your listing will not be shown. That being said, it’s important for businesses to utilize PPC Advertising to ensure consumers can find them online on any device.

Expand the reach of your keywords

PPC advertising allows you to rank for keywords that would not show up in an organic search. For example, imagine you are a painting studio and you want to attract consumers to your store. You can bid for specific keywords that are relevant for your business like “girls night out” or “mother daughter outing” to help you become even more discoverable and increase traffic to your website.

Free impressions

Did I hear the word FREE? Yes, many times Marketers agonize about the number of clicks they receive – they are not thinking about the impressions they are getting as well. PPC ads are essentially digital billboards – the main difference is that you are ONLY paying if a consumer clicks on the ad. If you want to stand out, make sure the copy in your PPC ad is memorable and gets the point across about what your business does.

Tip: Write copy that speaks to the end goal of what a consumer is looking to achieve. For example, if you are a budget lawn cutting service and you want to attract consumers who are searching for budget-specific keywords, consider using headline copy like “Affordable lawn care service”, or include the exact price of the lawn cutting service to stand out from competitors.

Remember, Google frequently makes changes to its AdWords platform, so it’s important to keep up with the latest changes to help you enhance your PPC strategy.

Contact us to learn how Centermark can help you manage the PPC strategy for your franchise business.



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