4 ways to start building your brand online

Having a great brand is the foundation of your online success…yes, we get that. But what does that really mean? Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to work with some top brands in the franchise industry and I have learned a lot from each of them. Not just about how a brand is successful but also what some look like as they fail.

It sounds so simple when you think about the idea – you need to have a name, with some colors and then make sure to post your brand everywhere you can. That was the way it used to work, but in this digital world it is more important than ever that you not only build a successful brand but you do it digitally. So without further ado – here are 4 ways to start building your brand online!

1.) What do you want your company to be known for?

Building a brand helps you gain credibility and establish yourself in the industry. Are you the cost leader? Quality leader? Service leader? What do you want your brand to mean to the customer that needs your service? Once you know who you are, start building off of that foundation. If you are the quality leader – prove it by showing pictures or doing studies to show off your product or service. If you are more of the customer service leader – focus on reviews and testimonials to showcase how happy your customers are after working with you.

2.) Establish your identity and set the tone

This is my favorite part of building a brand. You get to create your logo and pick your colors. Have some fun with this as it is going to be with you for a long time. Remember your colors and logo are what customers are going to know you by. You want to foster a sense of trust and likability inside your customer. This will set the tone during the sales process and help build a pipeline with trusting prospects leading to more customers and more revenue!

3.) Fill the front lines with brand champions

Nothing is more important than the people that represent your brand to your customer. They must live your brand and believe in it just as much as you do. Part of this is done by crushing what we have talked about already; the other is done during the hiring and training process. Arm your staff with guidelines on how they represent your company in social media. Provide standardized responses to negative reviews and provide a library of photos and social content that they can share online. Your employees want to be your biggest advocate, make it as easy as possible for them to do so and watch them attract like-minded workers who will get behind your brand.

4.) Build a website that puts your customer first

There are a lot of options out there when you look to build your website. Ask questions like: do you need e-commerce options, a location finder or an appointment scheduler? Many brands capitalize on the opportunity to build customer loyalty by providing client portals or accounts. This is a great way to learn who your customers are and nurture that relationship to grow customers into brand advocates. Here at Yodle for Brand Networks, we design an internal portal for each client that allows them to inform, communicate and measure the success of programs throughout their network.

The other key to a good website is a clear call to action so customers know how to convert from a site visitor to a potential customer. Whether you are looking to generate a phone call, form submission or subscriber to a newsletter. Make it loud and proud so they can reach out and get a hold of you at that moment they are ready to become your next happy customer.

Tips & Tricks

  • Include your brand logo in your email signature
  • Create a Google Alert for your brand and watch social media mentions
  • Make it clear how you want your customers to convert on your site

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