Centermark Product Rollout: Data Trends & Comparisons

This new section is dedicated to showcasing the recent product updates and enhancements that our Distributed Marketing Automation Platform, Centermark, has rolled out.

As a continuing effort to achieve greater business intelligence, Centermark is changing the way you view your data. With our most recent updates, see and understand important reports in the context of how your network is growing and evolving over time.

With the new trend indicators and comparison time filters, you can quickly analyze and export data to help achieve your business goals.

Trends Indicator: trends indicator

Centermark strives to provide automated insights into your network’s performance every time you log in!

  • New Trend Indicator displays how a metric is performing compared to the previous time period.
  • Visualize network changes at a glance.
  • Pivot business strategy by responding to trend history.

Time Frame Comparisons: Data trends.png

Interested in how your current performance compares to another period of time?

  • Compare year-over-year, month-over-month or define any custom date range for all of your metrics!
  • As with all Centermark reporting enhancements, quickly export the data as a CSV or PDF to view and gain more business insight.

To learn more about Centermark, contact us at

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