MoLo(No)So? Google ditches Social to refocus AdWords on Mobile and Local.

Subtract Google Plus…Add Adwords extensions! Google revealed the newest iteration of its AdWords and Analytics platforms at their annual Performance Summit last month and we’re pretty pumped about it. New mobile bidding capabilities, expanded ad formats and sponsored pins are just a few of the major changes that were highlighted as a part of the recent overhaul to make AdWords more Mobile and Local friendly.

Here are some interesting takeaways from MDG Advertising and Search Engine Land:

  • “While Google has offered a range of different “local as a percent of overall mobile search” metrics in the past, the company said that local searches on mobile devices are growing 50 percent faster than mobile searches overall.”
Saying a Third of Mobile Searches are Local, Google brings “Promoted Pins” to Maps, Search Engine Land, May 24 2016
  • “The focus on local and mobile marks an important point in Google’s history, as it signals a complete departure from emphasis on Social Media. With Google+ almost entirely scuttled and the demand for local business and mobile marketing solutions exploding in the U.S. and abroad, Google is clearly making strides to improve its advertising and analytics products as a means of garnering more market momentum.”
What Do the New Google AdWords Changes Mean for Advertisers, MDG Advertising, May 25 2016

All good news for us here at Yodle for Brand Networks, seeing as the businesses we serve have a need for better Advertising options to get their locations found online by today’s busy, on-the-go consumers. Our very own Digital Marketing Manager, JD Lawson, weighed in what the updates mean for our clients participating in Paid Search Advertising.

  • DON’T hold the phone! Mobile focus is no big shocker: “Google’s focus on optimizing their products for mobile has been evident over recent years,” said the PPC prophet, himself. “All of these major changes align with that.”
  • The Extended Ads news, however, have us Yodle-ing from the mountain tops! The new extended ad formats will allow for more characters, longer headlines and descriptions – essentially giving advertisers the extra space they need to display more compelling and immediately engaging ad copy. “Extended Ads is a major change for AdWords users and one that Yodle is well positioned to take advantage of,” JD boasted. “Yodle will be participating in a limited Beta test with the ability to use the new ad formats before they are released more broadly. This Beta will allow us to get a head start on understanding how to optimize ad copy in this new format.”
  • Promoted Pins are not as impactful, but we’ll still poke around with them:Promoted Pins” are essentially sponsored ads for Google maps, where subscribers can use their “location extensions” to brand and customize their pins so that they stick out in the sea of red dots. “Promoted Pins will not be as impactful when compared to the Extended Ad formats, but it is still something we will be watching closely,” JD says. “With such a large percentage of searches showing local intent and originating from mobile devices, this is a natural move to further monetize Google Search products.”

FYI – All Yodle Paid Search Advertising clients will be eligible to have Promoted Pins by default through the AdWords Search Network. We’re pretty much blowing up, so we expect it’s only a matter of time before our portfolio of client pins looks like this:


-And lastly, nothing on Social. SO last season Silicon Valley anyway.

Stay tuned for more first-hand updates and learnings as we start testing around with the Extended Ad formats and other new AdWords features. If you have questions or want more on these insights, leave a comment below!

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