Yodle celebrates the launch of Centermark 2.0

The all new second generation Centermark Business Intelligence platform is now live. This powerful tool provides networks with full visibility into the performance metrics that drive success along with the tools to manage and influence local marketing practices.

Here are just some of the changes that are now live on our Centermark Dashboard:

  • FAST: Never wait for more than a fraction of a second to see the results. Identify trends, casual factors, and performance insights that might go unnoticed without the ability to instantly adjust your perspective on the data
  • INTUITIVE: Focus on the information, not the interface. Click and drag to analyze data, choose your chart type and mouse-over to view data values.
  • ACCURATE: Define your own terms, understand their meaning and align every position in your organization around the facts.
  • FLEXIBLE: View from anywhere including your mobile device! Create the views, date ranges, filters and gain control of the data you need to find the answers you care about…Also, instantly export data to CSV to merge and manage with other reports in Excel.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a sneak peak at Centermark 2.0.

These innovations are just the beginning! We have an exciting roadmap ahead and will be sharing our updates in the CentermarkINSIGHTS Blog.

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