5 things for Franchises to focus on in the New Year

The new year is for new resolutions. Here is a roundup of top tips from our Digital Marketing experts for you to FOCUS on in 2016:

Fresh content. Fresh and relevant content improves SEO performance. Photos in particular add significant value to your website and help people relate more to your business.

Tip! The photos you choose to upload should include images of employees, your storefront or van, and more. While there is no “industry standard”, we recommend uploading 5 photos a month.

Offer optimization. When creating offer copy, make sure to research what your competition is doing. If Bob the Builder is promoting 10% Off Decorative Concrete, you might want to strike back with $30 Off Concrete Resurfacing. Incorporate the promotion details into your Online Advertising copy as well to extend the reach of your offer.

Tip! Offers with dollar signs perform better than percentage discounts.

Consistency across channels. By maintaining robust and consistent profiles across the Internet, you will boost your SEO value and credibility for your business.

Tip! The Centermark platform enables you to automatically sync/post offers and photos across your website, online directories, Facebook and more.

Understanding performance. Our Centermark dashboard helps our clients gain valuable insight into their business. For example, our dashboard can help you determine how many leads/calls you are getting from your various marketing efforts, as well as your busiest time of day.

Tip! With the Centermark platform, you can analyze your call recordings to determine the most effective messaging and share with your team to help them improve their communications and sales.

Social Media. It’s important to work Social Media and Online ratings & reviews to your advantage. However, business owners often fear customers will respond with negative feedback. One way to combat this is by identifying and soliciting reviews from happy customers. However, negative comments are inevitable in the online space.

Tip: When you are faced with a bad rating or comment, take a step back and construct a thoughtful response addressing how you can rectify the issue. You aren’t going to please every customer all the time, but by apologizing and quickly responding to the problem, you will show your customer and your online community that their satisfaction is a top priority. Besides, any press is good press, right?

We hope these pointers will help you rock it in 2016!

From all of us at Yodle, we wish you Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year!

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