Boost franchisee engagement with Movember

The holidays are just around the corner! Before you start making your marketing checklist and checking it twice, here’s an initiative that you should have on your radar right now. We’re talking about The Movember Foundation – a global charity that encourages men to grow mustaches to help raise funds and awareness for men’s health during the month of November.

Here’s how you can get your franchisees involved and raise Mo’ funds for Movember:

Celebrate Movember
Celebrate Movember

Plan a community event
Have some fun with Movember. Plan a community event to encourage franchisees to get involved and participate. Examples include hosting a charity run or Yoga class. You can also view the Movember event page for inspiration. Not only will this help you raise funds for Movember, but it also presents the opportunity for franchisees to meet each other and network.

Run a Mo’ contest
Nothing says team bonding more than growing embarrassing mustaches together. Ask franchisees to submit photos of their ‘stache and share them with the network at the end of the month. Have franchisees vote for the funniest mustaches and winners will receive a a Fitbit or another health-related gift.

Socialize that ‘Stache
Use your franchise’s social media pages to spread the word about Movember and get franchisees involved. Keep the conversation flowing by uploading “Moustache of the Week” photos voted on by franchisees from across the network.

Share your Movember ideas with us! Submit your suggestions in the Comment box below.

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