Ask the Expert: How often should you be refreshing your website’s content?

Welcome to our new “Ask the Expert” section. Each month, a Yodle expert will address a marketing-related question that a franchisor commonly asks. Submit your question to us in the comments box below and we may address your question next month.

Today, Yodle’s SEO expert Joe Balestrino will tackle the following question:

How often should you be refreshing your website’s content?

Here at Yodle we call this dilemma “Content Freshness.” Google love fresh content, and their goal is to deliver relevant and new content to searchers. As a result, content should be produced as often as possible. The real question may be; how does content help and how can we leverage it?

Here are five content marketing tips to drive website success:

Keep it simple
Offer “value” to users and be easy to read. Include bullets where possible to break up the content and allow consumers to read through the content quicker.

Provide an interactive experience
Include videos, images, interactive graphs and/or other media. Interactive content tends to perform better as it offers an engaging experience.

Focus on a common theme
Your website content should be written with a certain topic in mind to keep the attention of the consumer.

Standardize your content
Including regular content over times causes search engines to crawl a site more frequently. Additionally, adding more content helps grow organic traffic over time.

Remember – Less is better
Google tends to rank longer content better, while shorter content does not rank as well. The graph below shows that in 2014 pages with more words on a page ranked better. Source: The Moz Blog.

Google page ranking Average text length in characters per position, in both 2014 and 2013.

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