Marketing ROI and Lead-Management: Collecting the right data

When you have a Website built to serve marketing purposes, it’s important to collect the right data from potential customers. Do you want accurate ROI reporting? Do you want successful lead-management? Of course.

We’re going to examine 3 important points of data to collect from your Website, and why they’re important.

1. Phone Calls
Every business Website should have a phone number for potential customers to reach your business. This phone number should always be located in a conspicuous position on every page, never make visitors “search” for it.

But, once you have your number correctly displayed, how do you track it? Centermark by Yodle has a great solution for this: tracking lines; special phone numbers that act as a middle-man between the customer and you, collecting relevant marketing data, and also (if you so choose) recording conversations for review & training.

A bit of insight into the sub-data-points offered here include:

  • Caller’s phone number
  • Caller’s name (when available)
  • Date, time & length of call
  • A simple, one-click method of listening to each call

Tracking phone calls from customers who find your business via your website can have a great effect on your marketing ROI reporting. When you can see the calls generated by ad campaigns, organic searches, etc., you can easily determine which marketing efforts are generating good call-volume, and which ones aren’t. You can utilize such data to either improve or cease any under-performing marketing efforts.

2. “Contact Us” forms
Contact us forms are very important user interactions. You want to be able to track each form completion with precise granularity and with the correct sub-data-points.

You will need to know:

  • Who contacted you
  • How to respond to the person
  • Why did they contact you
  • What services or products they may be inquiring about

Centermark by Yodle already has this built in, but we take it a step further. We know which questions are best to ask based on your specific business and market. Again, this is about getting the best ROI reporting possible.

3. Traffic Source

When a customer or potential customer lands on your Website, a very important question to ask is “How did they get here?” Was it from an organic search? Was it direct because your Website’s URL was already in their browser history? Or was it from an ad…from any medium?

Having this data point is absolutely crucial to properly attribute both phone calls and form completions to the source that generated them. Traffic source and user interactions should always be cross-referenced to achieve the best ROI reporting.

In closing
The experts behind Centermark have not only mastered these important pieces of data, but they also have years of experience in applying them toward effective marketing strategies.

If you want to learn how to collect the right data and increase your Marketing ROI, click here.

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