Call tracking best practices

It’s more important than ever for franchisees to have call tracking numbers for their online marketing campaigns because it is a way to determine ROI and track results.

But what is a tracking number?
A tracking number refers to a custom phone number that is used in place of a real phone number. When a person calls the tracking number, the call is automatically forwarded to the real phone number. By using the tracking number, a business owner will be able to understand how many leads they are receiving from marketing campaigns (think website, PPC, display ad, etc.)

So how can you classify what is a good call versus a bad call? We’re here to decipher those answers for you.

Good Call: A lead that came in and asked for a service you provide in the area that you operate in. Regardless of whether you booked an appointment or closed the sale, this is still considered a good lead because it was an opportunity for business.

Bad Call: A lead that comes through that is for a service you don’t provide or outside of your territory.

Now that we have that covered, don’t forget to listen and rate a few of your calls at least once per week if you already have a call tracking program in place. At Yodle, we have a feature in our Centermark Dashboard that allows you to listen to the recorded calls and rate them based on their content.

If you’re interested in learning more about our call tracking program, click here.

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