5 mistakes to avoid when creating your website

This article originally appeared on our Yodle Insights Blog.

If you want to be found in today’s crowded digital marketplace, having a great company website for your franchise just isn’t enough. It’s essential that you optimize your site for search engines so that the right customer can easily find you. But before you dive in, here are some quick and easy best practices to make sure your site is ready to be found.

Content over Clutter
Flashy graphics and other bells and whistles may grab customers’ attention, but they can also slow down your site’s performance, distract customers from your products or services, and hurt your chances of being discovered via search engines. Take a close look at your site to see if there are any elements you can pare down to focus more on content that is relevant to your audience, and less on the clutter that will distract from it. From strategically tagged videos to carefully-chosen blog posts, showcasing your rich, curated content will help you show up in searches for the right reasons and for the right audience.

Make it Mobile
Today 60% of adults use smartphones and tablets when searching online to find information on local products and services, according to a Local Search Association study. Simply put: mobile matters, and if your website doesn’t appear properly on a mobile screen, you are missing out on a huge piece of the pie. Centermark’s websites use responsive design so that there’s no unnecessary scrolling or zooming – just the right information, presented in the right way.

Click to Call
Have you ever spent 10 minutes poking around a website to find a company’s phone number, only to discover it’s not there and you need to submit an email? Then you know how frustrating this can be! Make sure your phone number appears on every web page of your site so that customers can instantly reach out. Ideally, those using a mobile device should be able to simply click a button to call you. People don’t want to have to dial a number when they are on the go – make it as easy as just one click to contact you.

Build Credibility
Online reviews are the new word of mouth marketing, with customers depending on them as a source of credibility when informing their buying decisions. Simply put, it is absolutely critical to include your positive customer reviews and testimonials on your site. But having a way to solicit those reviews and getting them on your site is often a different story.

A Personal Touch
Don’t forget to add your own personal touch to your site as people prefer a more human experience. Some ideas include putting up “behind the scenes” photos of your work completed, your employees, or even your office space.

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