3 key ingredients to become locally discoverable

Let’s get one thing straight – a powerful brand increases a potential customer’s likelihood to choose you but it doesn’t necessarily do anything to amplify your ability to be found in the first place. Consumers need to see you as a viable option for them locally before they can be impressed by your brand’s appeal.

Here are Yodle for Brand Network’s three key ingredients to help your franchise network become locally discoverable:

Local website
Think of your website as your virtual storefront. It should place your franchise in a local context, including city or regional keywords. It should also include content that appeals to local consumers by emphasizing the services, terminology and values that matter most in your local community.

local website tips

Local content
Local content means more than just mentioning the city name, it means showing local reviews, photos and success stories that personalize your business and demonstrate that you’re more than just a big national brand; you’re a national brand with a powerful local presence.

local content tips

Local SEO
The term SEO is transforming in definition to more of a catchall phrase, representing all of the inbound marketing tactics you can apply to attract traffic and increase popularity online.

local seo tips

Now it’s time to put these insights to use. Download the Local Discoverability report to learn more about protecting the power and reputation of your national brand, while placing your individual location directly in front of consumers in your local market.

And don’t forget: Think global; act local.

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